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Machine Flys - Pec Deck

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Purpose of Exercise


Note: Fly machines are not for building mass, but are very useful in creating definition.

Many gyms are equipped with a variety of “pec decks” that approximate the flying machine.
When using these in you training, work toward getting the fullest possible range of motion, stretching the pectorals to the maximum at full extension, then giving the muscles an extra, isometric, contraction once you’ve brought your arms as close together as possible.

Sit back on the pec deck machine, feet flat on the floor, lock the lower back, and bring your chest out.

You can arrange the sit, as you need to your height; the handles of the machine must be in front of your chest; not in front of your face nor lower than the lower chest.
Move the handles simultaneously to the front, contract the pectorals as you bring your arms together.

Move the weights down to the starting position slowly. Don’t let the weights you lift touch weights on the rack.

Exhale as you put your arms together.
Inhale as you lower the weight.
Note: You must complete inhaling before you force your arms to bring together for contraction.
Tip: you can hold your breath for a second or two for better contraction while your arms are together (or the handles are together).

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