Front Double Biceps Photo Contest

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"Take Your Bi's to the Highs"

New Year, New You, New Biceps with New Gift Hamper from Dymatize Nepal. 

You have those Biceps to show off?? Take them outdoor and throw the FRONT DOUBLE BICEPS POSE in as artistic pose as you can. 

Send us your photo not later than 11:59 pm of 31 December 2015 (fb doesn't allow event for more than two weeks, so please refer to this deadline)

* Post your Front Double Biceps photo in our facebook's timeline or send us through in our message or email us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Clearly mention your name and address

1. The FRONT DOUBLE BICEPS POSE photograph must not be from any type of bodybuilding or fitness competitions. It is completely out of the stage FRONT DOUBLE BICEPS CONTEST.

2. No coloring or artificial tanning.

3. Completely nude photograph is unacceptable.

4. No cropping or too much of Photoshopping.

5. Any gender/any age can participate in this contest.

6. The participant must be Nepalese or Non-Resident Nepalese residing anywhere.

Winner Announcement:

The top finalists will be called out by Fitness Nepal and the winner will be announced after judged by the professionals, bodybuilders and the judges of Nepal. The judgement will be done within the first week of January 2016.

Gift Hamper:
The winner will receive an exciting gift from Dymatize Nepal presented by Bodybuilding Store, Kathmandu, Nepal. 

You can participate, win and present the gift for your loved ones, firends or relatives as well. Yes, the gift is transferrable and have to be picked up from the store. Please bring your identity card along with you for the evidence (applicable to the referral as well).

The winner will be featured in our facebook's cover page and in the cover banner of our website.

Lets see how many of Nepalese people are serious in building muscles. Please share this event as much as you can so that we can reach to many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Good Luck Guys.


Kay Dangol - UK

 Kay Dangol - UK

Nirmala Maharjan

Nirmala Maharjan - Kathmandu

Prabina Shrestha

Prabina Shrestha (On Green Tee) - Kathmandu

Chandra Man Shrestha

 Chandra Man Shrestha - Butwal

Saurav Shrestha

Saurav Shrestha - USA

Nabin Rana

Nabin Rana - UAE

Parash Bhujel

 Parash Bhujel - Dharan 

Sujal Shrestha

Sujal Shrestha - Sydney, Australia

Chandan Shrestha

 Chandan Shrestha - Dharan

Suprem Udas

 Suprem Udas - Bhaktapur

Dipu Munikar 

Dipu Munikar - Melbourne, Australia

Suman Khapung Limbu

Suman Khapung Limbu - Sydney, Australia

Rachit Kunwar

 Rachit Kunwar - UK

Rajan Shahi

Rajan Shahi - Kathmandu

Ram Krishna Tamakhu

 Ram Krishna Tamakhu - Saudi Arabia

Sann Pokharel

 Sann Pokharel - Nepal

Sanjeeb Chaudhary

 Sanjeeb Chaudhary - Sydney, Australia

Sarin Pradhan -

Sarin Pradhan - USA

Bijendra Lacoul

Bijendra Lacoul - UK

Saroj Astha Lama

Saroj Astha Lama - Saudi Arabia

Dilip Shrestha

Dilip Shrestha - Kathmandu

Jargha Thapa Magar Biso

Jargha Thapa Magar Biso - HongKong

Sandesh Limbu

Sandesh Limbu - Nepal

Rikash Kunwar

 Rikash Kunwar - Dubai

Kalyan Adhikari

Kalyan Adhikari - Melbourne, Australia

Bidur Adhikari

Bidur Adhikari - UK

Sajan Maharjan

Sajan Maharjan - Kathmandu

Sailesh Pradhan

Shailesh Pradhan - Sydney, Australia

Suresh Duwal

Suresh Duwal - Saudi Arabia

Sandeep GC

Sandeep GC - Kathmandu

Suzer Dangol n Biru Gurung

Suzer Dangol (Back) and Biru Gurung (Front)

Naresh Malakar

Naresh Malakar - Kathmandu

Bijen Shrestha

Bijen Shrestha - Butwal

Jyoti Pokharel

Jyoti Pokharel - Melbourne, Australia

Sachit Pradhan

Sachit Pradhan - Kathmandu

Sachin Pradhan

Sachin Pradhan - Kathmandu 

Niren Shi

 Niren Shi - Kathmandu

Kishor Pun

Kishor Pun - HongKong

Milan Shrestha

 Milan Shrestha - Kathmandu

Aman Shakya

Aman Shakya

Anil Kumar Thapa

Anil Kumar Thapa - Macau