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Jabin Roars

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Nothing comes easy in our life, we need to get up and reach for it. Even the in-born talented person needs to work hard to achieve that success. Building a nice physique is not a talent. Talents so far have been marginalized between music, dance, academics and oratory skills in our Nepalese communities. I haven’t heard at all, bodybuilding a talent show, neither it is genetically inherited. Bodybuilding is not an easy game and will never be easy unless someone is genetically engineered inside an Animation App. With the available open source information, most of us know how difficult it is to build and carve that bodies into a beautiful piece of art, how many years of dedication and patience it takes to the changes become vigilance in you. If there’s an autopilot in bodybuilding, everybody would press that magic button and every streets of the world would be covered with hulks (Hulk as in the movie) but there are still people who don’t know about bodybuilding until they don’t feel that coldness of iron themselves. Jabin Rai just gained the victory in ZKK Classic of UKBFF in his own weight category and became the only Nepalese bodybuilder to win.

What would a 15 year’s old teenager possibly do back in 1989 in Nepal? Possibly go to school, play football, volleyball, watch Indian movies, read Indian Comic Books, etc. I’m sure there weren’t many gyms like today and bodybuilding wasn’t so popular back then. Jabin Rai, at the age of 15 entered the gym to lift the irons with the imagination to get bigger arms and chest so that they can be obvious while wearing tight-fitted t-shirts.

If you don’t spot any change in anything you’ve started, you’ll probably lose the passion for it.  He remembers the day when he was a beginner and being trained by one of the legend bodybuilders of Nepal, Pushpa Shrestha who is a senior national bodybuilding judge in Nepal as well. He narrates, “iPhone, google, facebook, youtube were not even we could imagine when I was a teenager. I got interested into lifting weights just because of the magazines portraying huge muscular physique of the Westerner bodybuilders. If we are so lucky to see the big flesh through our naked eyes was of our own guru Pushpa.” How he could be so exceptional in the 80s when every iron lover Nepalese was experiencing the same? Jabin adds, “Reading the bodybuilding magazines and watching those bodybuilders’ muscles was more than enough to get that super pump feeling, which dragged me to the gym all the time.”


Bodybuilding was not an option as a profession back in 80s and 90s. It’s not a big option even today. At the age of 17 Jabin joined the British Army as his profession. He believes that his lifting habits had graced him challenging mentality during his Army training days. He struggled to keep up with his weight lifting training during the years of his service. He gets excited while reciting his past, “Even I get 20 minutes of my spare time, and I’ve always lifted weights rather than having rest.” He adds, “This bodybuilding has given me much more discipline in life than being the British Army.”


Jabin’s passion to bodybuilding deepened after he went on a long holiday to Nepal where he was selected for South Asian Bodybuilding Championships. “Guess what? I was able to grab Bronze medal in 65 Kg weight category for the first time in my life.“, tells Jabin with a great pleasure. That Bronze medal polished his mind with golden statements of motivation that started to mature.  He got another chance to represent the motherland in South Asian Game again and secured the Bronze second time.  He has just won Mr. UKNFBF in his second attempt, which was held 19th July 2015 in UK. He has also won Mr. Brunei 2 times while he was deployed in Brunei. “Representing the flag of the nation is a way much pleasing than winning a game”, recites Jabin.


Our body never becomes the same. It treats us so differently sometimes that we will be unable to say “Who Cares”. Jabin remembers the years he got away from the place he loved the most, the gym. Due to his hernia, he had to stop training for 4 years. You can’t push your body all the time, you have to listen to it and let it recover into the best possible pace. His doctor even suggested him to give a full stop to his bodybuilding career. A bodybuilder can’t think of his life without the gym. This could definitely bring tears to his eyes, he would have sobbed in sorrow. He exclaims, “Nah! I told myself, I have to take this risk. I can’t live without lifting. Even though I’m finished, I won’t regret that I didn’t try.”


I’ll repeat again and again, nothing comes easy in life. Despite his medical condition, Jabin didn’t stop there; he started to play with iron 4 years ago. He took it easily and cautiously for the first year where he spent more time in learning the various ingredients of bodybuilding, like training techniques, nutrition and supplementation. He spotted good deal of changes in his physique that made him to put extra effort in his training. He remembers, “I still fear of my hernia but I don’t want to stop because of it. I still train cautiously with the compound trainings like Deadlifts and Squats.” Eventually he appeared in the prestigious bodybuilding arena of Nepal, 13th Mr. Dharmashree in 2014. He manifested himself so dry and ripped, which used be very rare in Nepalese bodybuilding. He was standing there on 3.5% bodyfat but unfortunately, he ended up second in his own weight category. The judgement did disappoint him that moment but he spared no time for despair.


In bodybuilding, it takes years to come to a perfection, it takes a lot of your finances to prepare your body for the game, it is all hardships to dry out the body till the game, walking on the road of the ripped body for months just to stand for the final day. Any misjudgement can ruin the hard-work of a bodybuilder. This is how Jabin remembered the times in Dharmashree. Despite of all these hardships, hard labors and more dreams to come, he kept moving on proved himself that he is the only Nepalese by making a clean sweep in his own category in UKBFF’s ZKK Classic, which was held in 28 June 2015 in UK and being qualified for the British Final. Jabin spills his generosity by thanking Kanchan (Kay) Dangol who just won Miami Pro Fitness Model contest in UK and became the first and only female to physique showcase arena, pulled him to stand on the stage of ZKK Classic. If he gets victory or even comes 3rd in the coming British final, he'll be awarded the Pro Card. Jabin roars to show all the Nepalese people that we are capable to compete with anyone in bodybuilding with very competitive quality of muscles.


Wish you a good luck for your next contest mate.

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Sanjeet Shrestha

Registered Exercise Professional