Chandra KC - Mr. Australia Champion

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Strength, power and a passion for the sport of bodybuilding, set an example being the first Nepalese bodybuilder to win the Australia and NSW Championship 2013 is Chandra KC. While majority of Nepalese youths engaged in different things, Chandra left no stone unturned to fulfill his dream to stand on the stage as a champion while kissing the trophy of victory.

Chandra, a resident of Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal came in Sydney, Australia in 2006 as a student. Lived his life quite similar to other students did, study and work. What he did differently was that he started to dream to become a bodybuilder and live as a champion. While his friends were partying, he used most of his free times working out harder to pave his way to dream. He remembers, “Working three different jobs for living, maintaining studies for career and workout for my dream was really challenging times of my life. But I trained my mind so hard that not a single day I liked to quit. Everyday I found myself stronger and stronger.” Bodybuilding itself is a very challenging sport, which requires lots of dedication, hard work, and coordination between exercise, nutrition and rest. Despite of all hardships, Chandra stands as a champion, a proud Australian and NSW Champion and only Nepalese resident who hold an Australian National Champion in any sport. Chandra is indeed our pride.

[ Q ] What got you started in bodybuilding and when?

I started lifting weights since 2004 after my SLC exams. I got attracted to the physique of Hollywood stars Arnold, Van Damme and Sylvestore Stallone. I enrolled in the Diamond Gym in Bijuli Bazar, near Baneshwor for the first time with couple of my classmates. My friends quit the gym for computer courses and other academic trainings but I adhesive to iron.

[ Q ] You won the Australia + NSW Bodybuilding Championship just recently under 65 kg weight category. Describe the feeling of winning this show. Describe the build-up to this show.

I kept looking over my friends’ lifestyles. Couple of them has a good career, a better settlement. Comparing to myself, I had nothing on my hand, still a physical worker but living with a dream to be a successful bodybuilder. When my name was called as a Champion on my weight category, I didn’t believe myself; I couldn’t react on my victory. I was just standing there tried to flex my muscles. When I hold the trophy, I felt that I made my dream come true, I have something within me who can beat the Australian bodybuilders on their own stage.

I was in a great shape ever with lots of muscular definition, proper symmetry, superb vascularity and lots of power within my mind.

[ Q ] Describe your 2004 Nationals preparation plan. How did you train and what did you eat to prepare for this show?

Despite of regular six days per week job of 10 hours a day in average, I never skipped a training day for almost a year. I never said I’m tired today. Trained every bits and pieces. I focused more on my quads and calves as it was my weakest bodypart in my last competition and build my quads ultimately. Bodybuilding game is not just lifting weights; it’s all about training right and eating very strictly. I had to follow the strictest diet in my life (I can’t explain all the diet here) without which I wouldn’t have these trophies with me.

[ Q ] As a bodybuilder, what is next for you?

For a bodybuilder dream never ends. I want to be a number one bodybuilder of Nepal and I mean it.

[ Q ] What traits should one have to become a good bodybuilder in your view?

One should always focus on his/her goals. Without dedication and hard work, bodybuilding doesn’t happen. You should possess a mindset of a champion to be a good bodybuilder. If you just lift weights, you are only a lifter. A bodybuilder becomes a good bodybuilder when he/she competes with other bodybuilders on stage, not on facebook or any other social media.

[ Q ] What has been your greatest moment in bodybuilding Chandra?

I am living here in Sydney for eight years and stood as the CHAMPION of NSW and the entire nation in my weight category is the greatest moment in my bodybuilding career.

[ Q ] What is your strongest muscle group.

My strongest muscle group is back and biceps.

[ Q ] Do you have any other career goals? What do you hope to do after bodybuilding?

I lived my youth as a bodybuilder and want to make it my career as a personal trainer. I will be doing my personal training courses very shortly.

[ Q] How will you encourage the youths towards bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is not just building a bigger body but better and stronger mind as well. You will explore your strength within yourself, you’ll start competing with your yesterdays, ultimately makes you a better person. But you have to keep one thing in mind, if you are a beginner, try finding an experienced trainer and a great motivator. I’m damn sure; you’ll like quitting ample times but the trainer will keep you stay with the iron.

[ Q ] What is your view on supplementation?

There are hundreds of products in the market now. I can’t really comment on supplementation at the moment because different bodies react differently on a single product of supplements. Furthermore, it also depends on one’s goals, not one supplement fits all. It’s better to consult with your trainers who can assess your fitness and may advise you the proper supplementation.

[ Q ] What is it about bodybuilding that attracts you to the sport?

In my earlier years, I did bodybuilding to look different than normal people. Guys with attractive physique were very rare in Kathmandu by then and everybody notices you if you have a good body. But in past few years, I started exploring my own body. I start noticing how different foods and exercises react on my body. On the other hand of sport, competing with better bodybuilders always provide me the will to defeat them in the next competition.

[ Q ] Describe a day in the life of Chandra KC.

I sleep late at night due to my work schedule. My morning starts with a heavy breakfast and one and half hour rest. I go to the gym and train at least 2 hours. I go to straight to work after the gym and rest in the train while travelling to work for at least one and half-hour. 10 hours of work like a donkey, (laughs) ends my day after sleep at night. And the clock goes on.

[ Q ] Bodybuilding professional you admire the most.

In a national level of bodybuilders I admire Ram Bahadur Dahal who is a national Champion of Nepal and my bodybuilding trainer in early years. Despite of his short height, he always stands as a champion on the stage where his competitors have racing heartbeats in the fear of losing.

I am a great fan of Flex Wheeler in IFBB level, who is an American pro bodybuilder and also known as the king of symmetry.

[ Q ] Is there anything you like to add?

There is no such sport without a coach. There’s a person who is supporting untiringly since past 3 years. He has experienced my failures with me and provided me solid enthusiasm to stand as a winner again. He is the one who always pointed my weaknesses so that I can move to perfection on my physique. He is one of the founders and experienced exercise professionals of Fitness Nepal in Sydney and Nepal as well, Sanjeet Kumar Shrestha, a brother to me. I would like to thank him a millions through +977 for his restless support in my career.