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We are known by the world as Gurkhas rather than Nepalese. We are also being synonymous to Sherpa these days, who is the symbol of strong person.  In fact they are very strong who assist plenty of mountaineers to conquer the highest summits in the world by carrying heavy loads on their back for hours and hours.  When we say, “We are from the country of Mt. Everest” people often think that we must be very strong. Everybody living overseas must have encountered this once in a lifetime.

Walking, running, playing and working uphill and downhill with or without loads since they were born have definitely crowned such strength in their bodies. We may not want to become a Sherpa but we love to have strength like them. Therefore we are now introducing “SHERPA TRAINING” in Sydney, Australia; in order to keep our Nepalese people fit and strong like our own Sherpas. Lets show the world that we all Nepalese are as strong as our Sherpas.

What to expect from SHERPA TRAINING?

Improved Muscle Endurance

Increased Strength

Fat Loss

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Toned Body

Enjoy with Nature

Training Session: 1 hour

When: Every Sunday

Time: 8 am (7 am gathering time)

Venue: Can vary every week.

Fee: A$ 15/hr per person and A$ 25/hr for couple (If you need extra training, please contact us)

Bring your own:

Water and bottle





Back pack with strong padded strap.


By enrolling for Sherpa Training, you agreed upon bearing all the responsibilities for any medical conditions you previously have that may affect your training or after training.

It’s your responsibility to look after and take responsibility of your kids if you come and train with them.

Not limited to any incident that may occur due to your own negligence or extreme natural circumstances.