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We all have certain objectives to migrate to Australia. Living here for couple of years our body starts to adapt the local nature, environments and the lifestyle. We might get busy at studies, at work or both and dominated by Aussie lifestyle, we possibly do not notice our bodies changing in shape and size. With this busy lifestyle with work, studies or both, we have very less time to think of our own body. The fast food chains are surrounding us and we always enjoy easy eating. Alcoholism and smoking are other crucial factors that may have become a part of our lifestyles. Years of living with the similar lifestyle, we might start putting on weight or catching up with diseases of longevity, also know as lifestyle diseases, like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Obesity, Depression, etc.  These diseases are so common in our community today that they are just treated as words. Not taken care on time, just a word can be life threatening.

Uncountable researches have shown that the aforementioned diseases are highly risky to the people with overweight, obesity and living a sedentary lifestyle. Even discovering one of the diseases after few GP visits; we still seek an exercise prescription along with medicine to take care of it. Keeping active is the key while proper exercising and a balanced diet may control these lifestyle epidemics. If we are suffering from one of these lifestyle diseases, chances are high that others follow too. They can follow our family as well. The way of our lifestyle really affects our growing kids. Thus, it is always the smartest way not to treat it just like a word but take it in action to control it. 

As the doctors prescribe us for regular exercises, many of us start walking mildly to a brisk walking, which is a good start. Some of us join a gym and start playing with weights. If we are living with such specific conditions, we shouldn’t waste our time on guessing the exercises or copying someone’s training program. We might be risking ourselves if training unsupervised. It is always great idea to seek an exercise professional’s help to determine the safest condition while exercising. The exercise professional will tailor our conditions and design an appropriate training for us. The professional can also collaborate with our Allied Health Professional to design the best-suited training program for the specific conditions.

We welcome such diseases with our lifestyles, which ruins our lifestyle in the long run. They scare us every time we see our favorite foods on the plate, they threat us every time we catch up with old friends and families for a party, they throw us a punch every time our kids demand the junk foods. Ultimately, these lifestyle diseases put us up in a misery. But we are not handicapped yet. We still can fight this lifestyle. Regular exercises and balanced diet is the key medicine for this lifestyle. We need to keep active and throw back a resistance to such lifestyle diseases. Yes, we should care about the lifestyle diseases and be cautious before it is too late.

Your fitness goals are always precious to you and you need to do whatever it takes to accomplish them. You need to be careful while reaching your goals where you shouldn’t have any adverse effects of your trainings and diet. We all know time is money. So, depending much on guess works, trying this or that without knowing whether it will work or not may take you a longer than you think to reach your goals. You’ll definitely be spending more money without getting a sign. If you have never consulted with a personal trainer before, it’s time to do it now. Fitness has become so accessible now than ever. Save your time and money and get back in shape and embrace the fitness lifestyle rather than lifestyle diseases.





Note: Article published in +977 Magazine, Sydney, Australia