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Every body is a unique body; every mind is a unique mind. Not everybody has same lifestyle, not everybody has same culture nor everybody fits in the same box of fitness.  You have a similar goal doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow your friend’s exercise routines and diet plans.  You can follow but you want the results, right? It may not work for you and probably be hindering from the results and might risk yourself from the possible injuries because you might have a different body structure, different fitness level and a different lifestyle than your friend has. Personal trainer fits in here to guide you through your goals achievement. You might think that it cost you a fortune to hire a personal trainer. If you hire one, you’ll make a fortune out of it. You’ll save a lot in the long run. Here you need a personal trainer if:


You are a Beginner:

As a beginner, it could be a daunting experience to start exercising whether outdoors, at home or in the gym. You might not know where you stand on your fitness level and you may not know where to start and how to start. You can find plenty of workout charts in the web but may not be specifically designed for your body type. An experienced personal trainer is accountable for tailoring your training program according to your physical limitations and goals. I’m sure you do not want the adverse effect of training by following the bad techniques by yourself because it’s very rare that someone corrects the incorrect form that your executing in the gym. 

You want to workout at home:

Not all people like the gym environment but still want to lose fats, gain strength or improve cardiovascular fitness from home. You may not know what equipment you should use or you may not know how to operate the equipment you have for various exercises. An experienced trainer can monitor the training equipment you have at your home and figure out the best possible exercises to perform with it. The trainer even brings the required equipment with him/her that helps to achieve your fitness goals. He/she can also suggest you the best equipment you can have at home for you to keep going.

You don’t see any result:

You may not see any results for a long time of training and still don’t know what is going wrong. Looking at your current program, eating habits and various fitness tests, a personal trainer will help you to find out why it’s not working. He can also design more effective programs for you. A personal trainer can set you realistic and achievable goals while giving you every support and motivation that you need to achieve it.

You have medical conditions:

You need to be extra cautious if you have medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoarthritis, etc. and you have never exercised before. Your main objective here becomes your health and improving your fitness level. Be cautious, you might be risking yourself by performing unmonitored training. A personal trainer can lead you to the right exercise choices as per your conditions by working closely with your doctors and the therapists.

Your fitness goals are always precious to you and you’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish them. You need to be careful while reaching your goals where you shouldn’t have any adverse effects of your trainings and diet. We all know time is money. So, depending much on guess works, trying this or that without knowing whether it will work or not may take you a longer than you think to have your dream physique. You’ll definitely be spending more money without getting a sign. If you have never consulted with a personal trainer before, it’s time to do it now. Fitness has become so accessible now than ever. Save your time and money and get the best physique you dreamt for.

Choosing the best personal trainer could be another challenge:

Look for a qualified PT with reasonable years of experience in the fitness industry.

Ask your friend about his/her trainer and listen to the success stories.

If you are from different cultural background, finding a PT that shares the similar culture and language will be very advantageous.

A PT must motivate you in every steps of your session.

A good PT is always focused on you during your session.

A good PT always listens to you very carefully about your goals and other requirements.





Note: Article published in +977 Magazine, Sydney, Australia