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WHAT'S WRONG With Exercising

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Alcoholism, Smoking and drug addiction have always become major problems in the nation. We’ve seen thousands of lines written over these to generate awareness among people and millions of bucks have been poured for various campaigning every year. Why government is spending so much money for such awareness programs? Absolutely for the good health of our people and for a better society. Yes, it is necessary to educate people to stay pure, safe and healthy. It’s always a great challenge to the parents of growing children to keep them away from drugs and other habits that affect them socially, financially and emotionally.

Addiction is not only the problem fracturing our society but the epidemics are clustering these days related with so many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, high-cholesterol, etc. Thousands of people die of these diseases each year and people spend millions on medication all around the world. The problem is still on a roaring rise. What could be the possible reason? A huge “Misconception”. Misconception about exercising, weight training and resistance training. A sedentary lifestyle invites aforementioned diseases that result from loading more calories, less burning and resulting to obesity. Regular exercise is the key to stay away from these diseases.

So what we still think about exercising, weight training or going to gyms? Our society is darkly shadowed by a thought that weight training is bad guys’ things, gives you a rowdy attitude. Weight training will build big muscles, which invites lots of fighting and gang sort of things. One thing is clear, we don’t need to do weight training to be a fighter or to be involved in a gang. We can’t blame those crimes on weight trainings and gyms. Weight training makes us very strong undoubtedly but it doesn’t mean that being strong will end up in fights. If that’s the case, what do you call all the Marshal Arts, Boxing and Wrestling games? These games produce the real fighters, not lifting iron in the gym to build bigger and better bodies. We happily send our kids to marshal arts classes but crease our nose and forehead’s skin if the grown up kids go to the gym, put on some muscle mass on their arms. Exercising is not a game, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a habit. It is like brushing up our teeth twice for our healthy teeth, it’s like washing up hands with soap after the toilet.

Weight training also known as resistance training has many benefits and we are still lacking those due to the shortage of awareness, motivation and education, ultimately, victimizing ourselves with various health-related, behavioral and societal problems. Obesity will soon become a national problem like drug addiction, cancer and HIV AIDS in the near future. We don’t have such programs to promote fitness in our nation. Let’s say we are being blindfolded by heavy misconceptions about weight trainings. Fitness is the strongest solution to obesity. We should have such awareness generating programs from the government level. Embracing fitness will definitely build a Healthy Nepal.

There are various benefits of training with weights:

    Weight training makes our body strong,

    Helps us to build good and strong muscles

    Helps our bones become stronger by preventing the loss of bone density

    Helps us to reduce body fats

    Helps us to keep slim and trimmed

    Helps to improve our appetite

    Helps to enhance our immune system

    Helps us to sleep better

    Gives our growing kids a disciplined lifestyle, helps to boost up their personalities, gives the feeling of can-do attitude rather than quitting

    Gives strength to fight for many diseases.

When there are lots of benefits we can achieve with exercising and weight training, so, what’s wrong with it? We should be proud to find our kids in gym involved in exercising rather than snatching them in the darkest corner of the temples doing bad stuffs.





Note: Article published in +977 Magazine, Sydney, Australia