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Messed Up with Misconceptions

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In context of Nepal and our people, when a gym, weights and weight training comes to our minds, we derive it straight to bodybuilding. Undoubtedly, without weights there is no bodybuilding. Hundreds of researches thrown every year about the impact of weight training in our health have proved long term benefits only if you do it a right way. Gyms, fitness clubs and health clubs have mushroomed over a decade in Nepal but never have proved the advancement of fitness or bodybuilding so far. There are very few bodybuilding competitions held every year with discouraging number of participants and fitness competition for ladies are out of the scene till now. There are very less guys you see with great physique walking around the streets. The number is very countable.

Even though gyms and fitness centers have squared within few years, peoples’ minds are still foamed with misconceptions about exercising. There are large group of people who go to gym but can’t stick to it and even larger group of people who don’t do any sort of exercises finding their own reasons that they had heard somewhere. Due to intentionally unavoidable misconceptions in our minds, we are avoiding exerices in our lives, which has bad impacts on our health. Ultimately, we have to wait for a doctor’s prescription to exercise. Here are few misconceptions I’ve discussed that are roaring in our minds.

It’s very tough to workout (lift weights):
Definitely yes. When your dad or mom tells you to carry 10 kilos bag full of rice, you perhaps say “NO” coz you know that 10 kilos is bit heavy for you and makes you fatigued easily. 

Weight training is not for making you fatigued, it’s for enhancing your strength and power over exhaustion. When you are a beginner, it takes time for your body to adapt the intensity of the workout resulting soreness in your muscles. If you stop after a day workout soreness, you’re never going to build your muscle strength. You have to work hard to turn that pain to pleasure. When you stick with it, I’m damn sure, you’re going to love that pain.

If you don’t like to bear the pain that a workout gives, you better sit on a cornor play chess by yourself while your grandpa goes for a walk.

Once again!!! Pray this!!!!
“No Pain, No Gain”

Body pains when we grow old:
You must be made up of wood, stone or metal to live without pain, sorrow or happiness. We are living beings, and we feel the pain, that’s true. But you can’t put all blames on weight training for body pain at old age. There could be various factors to have pains at the old age. Weight training helps you strengthen your joints, muscles and bones. Flexibility training will make your joints flexible at any age. You might know people at the age of 50s and 60s still compete for Mr. Olympia, the top bodybuilding event in the world. We have few bodybuilders in Nepal who are over 50 years still compete in bodybuilding games. How you gonna take that? You don’t have to wait for your age to come for the pain. Arthritis and joints pain can come to you at any age. So, prepare yourself for exercising your body and include weight training in your regimen.

Weight Training growth in height
Absolutely not. If you have potential to grow in height or your heredity permits you to grow, neither bodybuilding nor any other sports makes you stop growing height. Nothing can stop growing your height unless and until fatal diseases, paralysis do not attack you or malnutrition sufferings in the childhood. How heavy you lift weights, it’s never going to cease your height, rather, exercises like hanging, jumping, swimming may help you growing in height.

Fat gains after stopping exercising
Physical Exercises help you to burn calories, and you’ll burn more when you are accustomed to increase your intensity level and the duration. You have to balance the calorie intake that you have burned to live in a healthy fitness level. When you keep increasing your intensity level, your appetite gears up so that you can balance the nutrition necessary for the body. At a certain point, your body will be adapted to both the trainings and eating habits. Once you stop exercising completely, you won’t burn that calories you used to but if you limit your eating habit as before, that will result in fats accumulation in your body. This will definitely make you bulgy.

I know you don’t like to have a bulgy tummy, do you? No one likes. Don’t ever stop exercising absolutely. Make it a lifestyle. You must get victory over the body fats by exercises and balanced nutritional foods. If fats get victory over your body, imagine yourself! Weight training is never going to make you fat unless you make it a lifestyle within a training discipline.

I don’t have any changes in my body even I worked out for couple of years.
This is the most frequent comments or problems of the beginners. There are various significant factors to have a great transformation in a body; Your body type, training, nutrition, rest and recovery. If you haven’t changed your body in couple of years, you have to monitor all of the above factors. In which body type do you fall? Are you training with the correct technique? Have you followed the proper exercise routine? Are you taking proper nutrition? Do you have enough rest? A good body can be built fast if you have someone who can train you properly, monitor your progress and motivate to achieve your goal. When you master your training, you can transform your body by yourself. It may take you a long time for transformation without a professional and experienced trainer.

I quit because I wasn’t allowed to work with heavy weights for couple of weeks even if I feel myself strong.
Most of the guys want to go directly to the weights when they enter the gym. You may be mentally strong to workout but your body (muscles, veins, bones) may not be strong enough. Your heart may not be ready to get those extra beats spontaneously. If you come from other active sports, still you must start with lightweights. The intensity of weight trainings and physical exercises are different. If it is your first time to lift weights, take care of your body. Your muscles and bones are not familiar with the power training. You must make your blood surrounds your muscles and brain to make you entirely strong to go for power training. Lifting weights, as entering the gym without any warm ups is not even advisable  to the professional bodybuilders.

You may see some guys going directly to the weights as entering the gym. Don’t think that they are doing the right thing and don’t imitate the wrong ideas.

 I’m sure; you know this line, “HASTE MAKES WASTE”. Don’t haste in bodybuilding or else you will be suffering whole of your life from severe injuries. Take good suggestions from the professionals/trainers and wait till your body gets adapted for power training.

If I lift weights, I’ll have big muscles like men.
This is the most common misconception clouded in female minds. Ladies, most of you don’t have high levels of testosterone  and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) required to increase lean muscle mass dramatically. If you are lucky you’ll add a kilo of lean muscle mass with your strength training after replacing the lost muscle through ageing process depending on your genetics. More muscles means a faster metabolism, faster fat burning and slowdown in ageing process even though your goal is weight loss.

If you want to have a great body, toned muscles, fat loss and eat freely without worrying about fats, start doing weight/strenght training. Let not these misconceptions become your health barrier.

Note: Be advised to have a fitness professional for your fitness training.





Note: Article published in +977 Magazine, Sydney, Australia