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Obesity and fitness is one of the biggest issues driving today’s media all around the world. Definitely, it has strong reasons carrying on its back. Lots of researches have already claimed the most probable calamities that obesity can bring in people’s health; like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiac attack, etc. Obesity has proved to be a killing machine undoubtedly. Those who are aware of their fitness levels and desired to get fit always start at some age of their lives.It cannot be ignored the other groups of people who are also aware of obesity but want to slice fats just by lying on the couch, watching an aerobics video on Youtube or staring at the Zumba DVD, dreaming of having a trimmed body manifested on the cover pages of DVDs or magazines.

You might have come across with such highlighted commercials like, "Lose 10 pounds in two weeks", "Get fit in 15 days", "Lose weight effortlessly", "Get huge biceps in just 10 days", "Build massive chest in two weeks", etcetera. People who are looking for shortcuts will ultimately try this out to get the results immediately. But everything goes in vain, hundreds of dollars spent for losing just a couple of pounds of fats, which comes back sooner or later.

Let me ask you: "Have you ever heard or seen anyone doing their masters degree without completing SLC (School Leaving Certificate) or attending any level of education till high school?" In fact, if you don't know ABC, you can't read or write your own names.  Getting higher education without ABC is far less possible.  A persona can't be a doctor without knowing the medical terms, human body, and the related topics. Similarly, there is no shortcut to fitness because fitness also has its own ABCs. Proper exercises, correct techniques, cause and effects of the exercises, nutrition, balanced diet, effects of dieting, etc. are the basics of fitness. Nothing can replace the benefits of exercising. You can't just lose your weight watching the exercise videos posted or filmed by professionals. You need to learn the fitness ABC and stick with it to have the body that is filmed. The person you are watching definitely didn't sculpt his or her body in a night. You have to remember, “Rome was not built in a day”; you can't sculpt, trim or add huge mass into your body in a night either. A weight loss pills may guarantee you to lose some pounds or make you slim but can't guarantee you to get sound health. If it did happen, there would be no one in the gym or any fitness center working hard to get the body they desired; all the people would follow the same path, the easiest and the shortest path. Everyone would be fit; there would be no obese people in this world. But in the daylight, it doesn't happen. The only way to have a desired body via shortcut way is to close yours eyes, dream it and sketch it.

"When I wake up in the morning, I wish I will have no fats in my belly and the faint six packs of abs are appearing. I will look very slim and trimmed so that the clothes that I bought 2 years ago can fit in my body. I will look more beautiful and everyone would praise my body and physique."  Many of us think this way, don't we?  If I have Aladdin's Lamp, I would lend it to them and a hideous Genie would appear to make their wishes true. And everyone will look gorgeous, moreover fit and healthy, that's what I want to see. Neither I am Aladdin nor I do have his magic lamp. I am just a fitness professional who trains people to get fit, motivate them towards a healthy life through the safest techniques of exercising. I want to let you know that just dreaming about a great physique without any effort is just like a fairy tale, magic never happens in this fitness sector. It happens when you work hard, when you are dedicated and have patience to make your dream come true. If you know fitness yourself, that's simply great but if you don't, do consult with the professionals, they can show you the milestones of your dreams, they can help you achieve your goals, they can motivate you to kick start your desire and achieve that great physique. Believe in yourself, miracle is within you, you just need time and passion to bring it out.

Now this is the time to get off your bed and hit the road to fitness. Don't waste your time in looking for worthless alternatives. Nothing works in long run except exercising regularly and watching what you eat. And the supplementation combined with the exercise may give you the best results. Great body, losing weight, building muscles or toning is your desire; exercise and balanced diet is the only choice you've got. Consult the health and fitness professionals before you jump into an exercise routine for your personal safety and also don't forget to know the causes and effects of quitting foods to lose weight from them. Hence, the promise ofa shortcut tooptimum health and fitness is a tantalizing one.  Miracle is rare in fitness if you don't have these qualities: knowledge, hard work, dedication and patience. Remember again, there is no autopilot in fitness.





Note: Article published in +977 Magazine, Sydney, Australia