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Baneshwor, Kathmandu
01- 4496401
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Baneshwor Gym and Fitness Club is one of the best Gyms with familiar environment in Kathmandu offers you all the latest fitness equipments to give you a healthy workout.

Baneshwor Gym and Fitness Club also offers special fitness classes for ladies at the personal care of an expert. All the care is taken to make you feel comfortable within the premises of the gym.

As it has been a known fact that the more fit and healthy you are, the more active and content your mind will be. We invite you experience a fit and healthy life and feel the difference for yourself. You will feel the tension and fatigue melt away to make you all the more focused and capable of coping up with your priorities. So, why not drop by and find out why the members of BGAFC go convinced that life is worth living fit.

Ratopul, Kathmandu
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