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Founder's Note:

Welcome to Fitness Nepal

Thank you for visiting us. The gyms and the health clubs are mushrooming in quantity all across the nation. Fitness has changed greatly over the years from being an extracurricular activity in a niche market to becoming a lifestyle choice in the general population. Joining a gym, playing with iron, socialising in the gym or health club with indoor sports has become the recent trends in the nation.

Having a great physique with bulging biceps, puffed up chest, horse-shoe triceps is getting popular among the youths in our country and standing in front of thousands spectators on the stage of a bodybuilding competition is a common dream. Obesity has also grown very rapidly in the nation and weight loss has become popular among the youths. Everybody wants to lose weight, stay healthy and look good. Whether it’s a dream or for fun or for socialising, people are getting there or willing to be there in the gym or health clubs. Though it’s a good sign of awareness, it’s also important to have education if you just want to start lifting a 5 pounds dumbbell off the rack, lying on the gym mats, sitting on the swiss ball or holding a medicine ball.

Empowering yourself with the fitness education, correct techniques and forms are mandatory for all from the very first goers to professional bodybuilders. Without proper knowledge in exercises and nutrition, you are risking your life through numerous possible-to-happen injuries that can stay longer in your body and put you in pain the rest of your life. Thus, learning exercises and nutrition properly will give a good physique, good health and save money in the long run.

Through this fitness portal we are striving to educate our people to be aware of health and fitness. We are committed to provide AtoZ information about fitness, exercising techniques with demonstrated images and various exercise routines that are produced by the profound and professional bodybuilders of our nation. People with any fitness level can be benefited with the information provided in this portal. And people who want to go further in bodybuilding can also take huge advantage of this portal with regular bodybuilding updates, and tips and tricks provided by our own national bodybuilders. Plus we are creating a platform to bring all the bodybuilders in one place, exposing them after the show.

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking your time to stay this long in this website. I personally like to request you to live a fit n fine life. If you haven't started any form of exercises yet, you are not alone. Millions of people in the world start their first fitness class from today. It's never too late to desire fitness and to live like one. It's not late doesn't mean that you wait till you damage your body and health with enormous fats. Take care of your health, I'll take care of your exercises.

After all, improving fitness and enhancing sound health is our mission.

Fit Regards,

Sanjeet K. Shrestha